PERMA-SNOW® at Pendle Ski Slope


Techmat 2000 Manufactures and Installs Green Ski Slope to adhere to local planning rules.

 Pendle Ski Club in Lancanshire, a member owned and voluntary run organisation has invested just over £60k in the clubs future with the installation of a new Perma-snow® Ski system manufactured at Techmat 2000 Limited based in Rogerstone, Newport. The Perma-snow® surface is a loop pile construction with no voids creating an impressive, safe surface for skiing, boarding and snow tubing. Underneath the ski surface is a fixing, cushion and drainage layer that is pinned to the ground. The Perma-snow system was chosen over competitors due to the performance and versatility of the surface. The unique design makes Perma-snow easy to install and maintain. The green coloured surface was manufactured to special order to adhere to local planning rules.  

Eddie Pearson, Business Development Manager at Techmat 2000 Limited who manufactured and installed the new surface is very pleased with the speed and quality of the installation (4 days). Eddie is hoping that more slopes will now consider this surface in the future. He said “We understand that for ski centres to change over from their existing surface on main slopes it may not be financially viable at present which is why we continue to manufacture traditional Skitech™ diamond bristle matting which is still widely used and is the same surface currently on the Pendle Ski Club main slope. The low cost for resurfacing smaller and nursery slopes with Perma-snow® is something that should be considered. The surface and the fixing system have been developed significantly over the last few years – it’s a fantastic surface with a unique fixing, drainage and cushion system that can be installed simply and maintained very easily. People who have not tried Perma-snow® recently should give it a go”

Techmat 2000 completed a number of site visits prior to installation which also included a ski edge test and designed the slope based on feedback given to them. Artificial Greengrass™, also manufactured by Techmat 2000 was installed to the side of the slope to help novices learn to side step. A Greengrass™ section was introduced at the bottom of the slope to slow down snow tubes and reduce the risk of injury. It is anticipated the new slope will get considerable use over the next few years as ski and snowboard beginner lessons increase and snow tubing parties become more popular.