PERMA-SNOW™® Benefits

Designed as a complete system

PERMA-SNOW™® has been designed from the ground up as a complete system for skiing, snow boarding or sno-tubing. The top ski surface construction in PBT (Polybutyleneterephthalate) is known for its slide properties giving you less friction and a lot more speed. The loop pile construction not only makes PERMA-SNOW™® a unique artificial snow surface but it also provides added cushioning. The multi-weave design provides important ‘edge’ in all directions.

PERMA-SNOW® is Versatile


PERMA-SNOW™® is manufactured from materials able to withstand the tough environment in which it has to survive

  • Developed over many years
  • As part of the John Nike Group of Companies we are the only ski surface manufacturer with access to 5 fully operational ski centres where we carry out our research and development


PERMA-SNOW™® has been developed with safety in mind

  • No sharp or metal fittings, screws or staples in the top surface
  • No holes for thumb and finger damage
  • Reduced accident rate proven over many years of operation on five slopes
  • Potential for reduced insurance premiums


Initial investment in the PERMA-SNOW™® system is very competitive

  • Ongoing costs are dramatically reduced - once the PSGripmat is in place future maintenance requires only the top ski layer to be exchanged by your own employees


PERMA-SNOW™® can be installed by operators own staff

  • Expert tuition and guidance for your employees
  • A complete installation service is available if required
  • A typical 3,000 square metre slope will be fitted to a prepared surface in less than two weeks
  • Over 40,000 square metres of PERMA-SNOW™® has been fitted in the United Kingdom

Converting to PERMA-SNOW™®

PERMA-SNOW™® can be installed in place of all current artificial ski surfaces. We can provide a complete service.

  • Uplift and remove from site existing ski surface
  • Repair sub base as necessary
  • Install PERMA-SNOW™® system
  • Converting an existing slope to PERMA-SNOW™® means the closure time is minimal


PERMA-SNOW™®’s unique fitting system allows quick and easy operator maintenance. Training is only a few minutes.

  • No need to call back the manufacturer
  • Reduced loss of operating revenue due to shorter maintenance closure times