PERMA-SNOW™® Specifications

Mats are Available in Standard format, Half mat and Roll Form.

PERMA-SNOW™® is available with or without hook tape attached.

Standard Mat 200cm x 200cm (approximately 6’6” x 6’6”)
complete with hook tape attached

Half mat 200cm x 100cm (approximately 6’6” x 3’3”)
complete with hook tape attached
Roll Form Maximum 2 metres width * 52 metres in length

Filament Material PBT – PolyButyleneTerephthalate
Filament Colour White as standard/ Green to order

Backing Material Polypropylene & Polyurethane
Filament Height ‘Multi weave’ tufting creates a surface that is intentionally variable in height & orientation

Weight per Mat Approximately 16kgs (approximately 35lbs)
Transportation 35 – 40 mats per pallet (approximately 680kgs/1500lbs)

Tow Track Mat In segments of 2 metres length or roll form up to 52 metres in length
Fixed roll size PERMA-SNOW™® is manufactured in rolls of 2 metres width by 52 metres in length
Custom roll size PERMA-SNOW™® can be supplied in roll form where no hook tape is required and cut the customers specified sizes
Cushion/ Drainage ‘PSGripmat’ underlay is supplied in roll form

Rolls are 1 metre wide * 30 metres in length