PERMA-SNOW™® Maintenance

All artificial ski slopes require a degree of maintenance, daily, monthly and annually.

Perma-snow™® Ski slope maintenance is considered to be the easiest and least costly of all dry ski slope surfaces.

Repair with own staff = no expensive manufacturer call back
No major shutdown of slope = no loss of revenue

  • Perma-snow’s unique hook and loop fitting system provides easy operator maintenance.
  • Product life is subject to both the amount of use and the quality of slope maintenance.
  • A good maintenance regime will extend the life of your Perma-snow surface.

Inspection Regime

The three most important areas to monitor are debris, damage and wear. Clean, repair and/or replace are how to extend the life of your ski slope.


Inspect and remove daily. A clean surface will enhance customer’s enjoyment.

  • No broken wire ties to remove and repair
  • No staples to snap or work their way out


Inspect daily - Replace damaged sections to ensure the safety of your customers

  • A Perma-snow panel can be changed in as little as 3 minutes
  • No need to cordon off an area for prolonged periods or close the slope
  • No need to call back the manufacturer


It is unlikely that any replacement will be required in the initial two seasons

  • Monthly – Remove mats from small areas of high wear and exchange with mats from lower wear areas of the slope
  • Annually – Carry out a detailed appraisal of the entire slope. Order replacement matting as required

Replacement Mats for Ski Surface

The Perma-snow Ski System is comprised of 2 main elements; PSGripmat™ Cushion & Drainage Underlay and PERMA-SNOW™® Ski Surface.

PSGripmat™ Cushion & Drainage Underlay

Once the PSGripmat™cushion and drainage underlay is installed it requires little or no attention and remains in place during ski surface maintenance and replacement.

PERMA-SNOW™® Ski Surface

Replacing only the ski surface component provides substantial savings in material and labour costs when compared to alternative dry ski systems.