How to Self-install PERMA-SNOW™®

The PERMA-SNOW™® installation system is user friendly. The only metal part of the system is the reinforced steel pin that anchors the ‘PSGripmat’ cushioning and drainage underlay to the ground so it's safer than most artificial ski slope surfaces.

The system is quick and easy to install with your own trained labour. No expensive contractor fees, though we can if required quote for a full installation.

Basic Layout

Here is a basic diagram on how to lay strips of PERMA-SNOW™®.

Installation Steps

  1. Clear the site of old material and ensure that a suitable ground protection sheet is in place.

  2. PSGripmat™ simply rolls out and is pinned to the ground working from the top to the bottom of the slope. At 30 square metres per roll the whole site is quickly covered.

  3. Once the sub-base is fixed into position the PERMA-SNOW™® ski surface is overlaid. The PERMA-SNOW™® hook tape attaches to the loop fabric of the PSGripmat™. The 2 m by 2 m PERMA-SNOW™® tiles are now installed starting at the top left hand corner with a full mat. Start the second column with a half mat (2 metre * 1 metre) and create a brick pattern.

  4. To avoid closing the slope work half way across. Then repeat for second half of slope.

It's that simple!