PERMA-SNOW™® Technical Details

Manufactured under license by Techmat 2000 Limited

Patent Number GB 2394902

General Description

PERMA-SNOW™® provides a skiing surface that is the ultimate in dry ski slope surfaces. The loop pile construction is ideal for straight running, carving, traversing and edge control. The secret is in the design of the loop: the PolyButyleneTerephthallate (PBT) monofilament cross section profile design allows the ski to edge with control while providing the minimal resistance to the ski when gliding or flat running. The PBT monofilament loop design effectively provides minimal contact with the ski thereby reducing friction between the base of the ski and the skiing surface.


PERMA-SNOW™® ski surface is flexible and will lay to almost any contour of a slope, ramp or jump to produce the ideal skiing surface for your design of slope or boarding area.

The PERMA-SNOW™® ski slope system consists of a ski carpet attached to a base layer by means of a hook and loop system. The base layer is a unique resilient permeable shock-absorbing blanket we call PSGripmat™.


The performance of PERMA-SNOW™® may be enhanced by the use of a misting system in dry conditions to reduce heat build up and provide quality skiing. The retentive loops and backing material retain moisture thereby further improving the efficiency of the surface for skiers as the ski passes over the loops creating water lubrication.


PERMA-SNOW™®, like all ski slope surfaces, requires maintenance. Segments should be rotated between high and lesser wear areas. There will be wearing to the surface but this will not be dangerous as the base felt material is skiable! When this will happen cannot be determined as it is within the control of the slope maintenance team, the local conditions and the amount of use.

Simple, Easy & User Friendly

The PERMA-SNOW™® system is designed for simplicity and speed of installation; there will be minimal downtime to a ski centre reducing loss of income.

Easy to repair or replace

The unique attachment system allows the top skiing surface to be peeled away easily for repairs, refitting or replacement. In the event of a severely damaged section the replacement is simple – the looped carpet is peeled away and another prepared segment is simply inserted.

Watch some of the staff at a ski centre easily replace a section of PERMA-SNOW™® after receiving a brief training session.

The PERMA-SNOW™® laying system is user friendly. The only metal part of the system is the reinforced steel pin that anchors the base layer to the ground. Above the base layer there are no metal parts. The system is quick and easy to install. The PS Gripmat cushion and drainage base layer simply rolls out and is pinned to the ground. The PS Gripmat base layer has a unique loop surface which in turn attaches to the hook component secured on the back of the ski surface mats. Once the sub-base layer is down, the PERMA-SNOW™® ski surface segments are overlaid.

PERMA-SNOW™® is a 365 days a year ski, boarding & snow tubing surface

Works in snow

PERMA-SNOW™® can remain in place under any snowfall in sub zero temperatures and can act as a skiing/boarding surface where the snow is thin or non existent. The snowfall will overlay the surface with no adverse effect to the carpet. It performs well underneath lift dismounts preventing ground break up.

Good for all levels

A PERMA-SNOW™® surface is suitable for beginners through to advanced skiers. Even ‘extreme skiers’ will find a buzz skiing on PERMA-SNOW™® laid to extreme contours.

Dry Ski Slope Design

Each dry ski slope will vary in profile with gradient changes from top to bottom. PERMA-SNOW™® is a flexible skiing surface that will follow any contour. Each slope needs to be designed to meet the demand of the skiing criteria desired.

Whilst numbers attending daily is to be taken into consideration when planning a facility, it is also important to consider the size of each slope in order to ensure your customers are able to carry out manoeuvres appropriate to their level of skill and thus get most benefit and enjoyment from attending your facility.

Suggested minimum sizes of slopes are (length * width):
Main Slope 140 metres * 20 metres (450ft * 65ft)
Intermediate Slope 80 metres * 20 metres (260ft * 65ft)
Novice / Nursery Slope 20 metres * 30 metres (65ft * 100ft)
Extreme Snowpark 80 metres * 25 metres (260ft * 80ft)
Tubing Area 30 metres * 10 metres (100ft * 33ft)

Freestyle Ski And Board

PERMA-SNOW™® is ideal for freestyle launch ramps and landing zones for both commercial and home use. Enquiries to

Slope Gradient

For general skiing and teaching an average slope gradient of 16 degrees is sufficient with variation from a maximum of 22 degrees down to flatness(Link to table).

For Snow parks the degree of slope can be anything from 45 degrees to zero depending on the set out of the area. The steeper the terrain (slope) the more extreme it will be. Only very skilled boarders or aerial skiers should be allowed unsupervised use of extreme parks.

Slope Preparation and Installation

The prepared surface of the ski mound or natural geological hill should consist of compacted gravel or other permeable granular material. The granular material should be spread over an underlay of UV resistant woven polypropylene or other permeable earth retaining fabric. Covering the granular material with a further layer of earth retaining underlay will substantially prevent the possibility of mud or granular material invading the skiing surface.


The construction of the ski slope should be engineered to provide carrier drains with herring bone branches laid in the ground beneath the earth retaining underlay and granular bed. Where an existing ski slope already has in place a suitable system of drainage the PERMA-SNOW™® system can be laid immediately in place of the old ski matting.

The permeability of our unique PS Gripmat cushion sub-base layer will allow any excess rainwater to drain away to the surface water sewage system.


The PERMA-SNOW™® ski carpet is generally manufactured in 2 metre by 2 metre segments that link together to form a total skiing surface to any size required. The fine hook material attached to the back of the PERMA-SNOW™® segment is protected by a soft tissue like fabric which is easily removed before rolling and laying.

The back of each PERMA-SNOW™® segment is marked with a directional arrow and should be fitted with this arrow pointing down the slope.

Measure & Alignment

The PERMA-SNOW™® system should always start from a right angle to ensure squareness is maintained while laying the sub-base and the loop pile surface. It is strongly recommended that you engage a competent person to set out the lines at a right angle before commencing.

Laying of the sub-base should start at the top of the slope. The laying of the first line of the sub-base material is critical and must run to the setline. The sub-base should be laid across the full width of the slope being covered and pinned to the ground before starting to lay the PERMA-SNOW™® skiing surface. If the PS Gripmat cushion sub-base is laid square the laying of the PERMA-SNOW™® should be simple.

Preparing the PERMA-SNOW™® segments

PERMA-SNOW™® segments are supplied flat packed on pallets (35 to 40 per pallet). They should be rolled just before laying. The roll must have the loop skiing surface to the inside. Place in position and firmly press in to ensure good adhesion of the hook and loop fabrics. Finally tuck the retaining tabs underneath the adjacent mat.

Laying the Segments

The segments are laid in a brickwork pattern upon the sub-base. The stretcher bond runs down the slope starting off with a full segment on the first downhill line then a half segment on the second downhill line to form the bond. Similarly, half segments or cut-to-size segments will be used to complete the surface at the bottom of the slope.

In every case, the segment should be slowly unrolled downhill to ensure that the meeting point is uniform. If it is not satisfactory, simply detach by peeling from a corner, re-roll and then re-lay.

Expert Advice

Although the laying process is simple, we do recommend the use of one of our technical experts when laying for the first time. The day rate for an expert can be provided upon request. All the facility needs to provide is labour and a working staff supervisor.


PERMA-SNOW™® gives confidence, enjoyment, protection, good skiing characteristics, a surface without hazards, a good feeling, and is ideal for that seasonal preparation of honing up or practising those techniques again.

Better Than Filament

In a fall PERMA-SNOW™® is an improvement on the bristle filament as it does not stab due to the gentleness of the looped surface and there are no cavities in which to trap oneself. The loops are more cushioning and have a minimal abrasiveness though friction burns can occur. Proper management should ensure a user is dressed safely and properly thereby avoiding damage to themselves and the surface unless in exceptional circumstances.

Built with Safety in Mind

The PERMA-SNOW™® skiing system is simple and customer friendly, designed with safety in mind. However, in the event of a skier catching a loop with articles of loose clothing or equipment the PERMA-SNOW™® surface (for safety reasons) is designed to bleed/run.

Great for Snowboarders

PERMA-SNOW™® surfaces are suitable for boarding areas including bumps, ramps, quarter pipes, half pipes, jumps or other extremes. Due to the safe characteristics of PERMA-SNOW™® a boarder will find confidence and exhilaration.

Claims for damage caused through mismanagement of the facility or misuse of the product will not be entertained.