Home Ski Slope Installation

The PERMA-SNOW™® Ski System is ideally suited for home installation. All you need is a self built man-made structure or natural ground slope with a minimum (recommended) incline of 1 in 3.

Installation is easy

  1. Natural Ground Slope - Using the full PERMA-SNOW Ski System comprising the ski surface matting, cushion underlay and steel ground pins. Pin the cushion underlay down to the ground (pins provided) and attach the top surface using our hook loop tape system.
  2. Man made structure - Using only the PERMA-SNOW top ski surface matting. Build your own ramp structure and screw or staple down to the plywood or alternative surface.

PERMA-SNOW® runs FAST so you can PLAY HARD!

Even a short drop in can propel you along a rail or over a ramp.

Scale graph of a home install to demonstrate size

Learn your tricks before hitting the slopes.

Standard Sizes
1 metre x 5 metres (3’3” x 16’3”)
1 metre x 10 metres (3’3” x 32’6”)
2 metres x 5 metres (6’6” x 16’3”)
2 metres x 10 metres (6’6” x 32’6”)
Full system £85 per square metre*
Top surface £55 per square metre*

Prices exclude VAT & delivery

Contact us to get a full price including delivery to your door. We can also supply special sizes.