The Cobra

  • A flat open run area that can be split into lanes for racing
  • PERMA-SNOW™® surface provides the fastest sliding
  • Quick easy installation
  • Spin, group up or just ride straight on your own
  • A product that has proven year on year growth in existing, multiple sites
  • A service that can generate high income from all year round use
  • Birthday parties
  • Youth Groups
  • Work group
  • Corporate relaxation
  • School activity - Cobra combines enjoyment with outdoor fresh air and exercise

THE COBRA by Techmat 2000

A great family thrill ride where no skill is required as your excited customers of any age sit in the Sno-tube before being launched down the hill, twisting, banking and turning at speed as they travel down The COBRA.

Low capital costs, low operating costs and very good revenue = profit

Typical Business example
Material cost £31,500¹
Installation cost Subject to site visit
Depreciation period 5 years
Annual Costs/Revenue
Potential revenue £50,000 (Medium)
Depreciation/Operating £7,500
Staffing cost £20,000
Net contribution £22,500

¹Based on 300 square metres of PERMA-SNOW™® System and 15 Snow tubes

For a no obligation discussion, a visit to an existing COBRA site or for more details contact Anthony Johnson.