The Green Mamba

  • Planning Authorities – in parts of the UK it may be necessary to use a green surface to meet with local planning restrictions. We have this material installed at 2 centres in the UK, the latest being in Monmouthshire at Alice Springs Golf Club
  • Same technical construction PERMA-SNOW™® surface provides the fastest sliding
  • Twisting, banking and turning at speed
  • Any of our standard designs, Cobra, Viper or Anaconda
  • A product that has year on year growth in existing, multiple sites
  • A service that can generate high income
  • A fun, healthy outdoor activity that boosts your income

GREEN MAMBA by Techmat 2000

  • Green Mamba Flat slope Cobra style

A great family thrill ride with the potential to provide a rapid return on investment in as little as 12 months*.

This is a no skill activity. Sit in the Snow tube, hang on to the handles and away you go

Your excited customers of any age sit in the Snow-tube before being launched down the hill, twisting, banking, spinning and turning at speed as they travel down GREEN MAMBA.

A fantastic group activity e.g. children’s birthday parties including the Mums and Dads.

Appeals to teenagers too!

Low capital costs, low operating costs and very good revenue = profit

*Based on years of experience operating Sno-tubes at five John Nike Leisuresport sites.

For a no obligation discussion, a visit to an existing GREEN MAMBA site or for more details contact Anthony Johnson.